There is a lot of glib & shallow commentary on the US assassination of Iran’s General Qassem Suleimani. Only Assadists & Stalinists are crying crocodile tears over the death of this monster who organized terrorist death squads against the peoples of Syria, Iraq, Yemen, Afghanistan & exerted destructive influence on Hezbollah & some Palestinians. But those waxing giddy & euphoric about his death willfully refuse to understand that his assassination was an act of war against the people of Iran. It is an infantile political disorder to support this assassination which is not just an electoral ploy by Trump nor is it justice, revenge, karma for a state terrorist. It is a US threat of war, a provocation to Iran which is directed at the Iranian people. Unless you are one of those damn fools who sees US militarism as humanitarian, you will stand four-square against US assassinations as a political method & against this serious war threat to the people of Iran.

It should not be necessary to say that Iraqis & Syrians dancing in the streets at his death have every reason to celebrate since they & their families sustained his unrestrained terrorism. It is something quite different for others not on the front lines of oppression to ignore the threat to the people of Iran.