The Indian Army has a problem because its policy of abducting, torturing, incarcerating children has become an international human rights scandal. Human rights investigators reported a few months back that 13,000 Kashmiri kids had been abducted, tortured, & jailed in India (presumably placed among the adult criminal population of rapists, murderers, nationalists) & that many who were interviewed or released reported being sodomized by soldiers. Now we read reports that in Muzaffarnagar, Uttar Pradesh state, Indian police picked up about 100 protesting orphaned boys, tortured them & sodomized many, causing telltale rectal bleeding.

In truth, this monstrous behavior is the very nature of militarism toward children, including against Kashmiri, Indian, Palestinian, Syrian, Afghan, Iraqi, Rohingya, Somali women & children. You don’t have to understand a damn thing about the conflict between Kashmir & India or the struggle in India against the new citizenship laws to oppose the Indian state abducting, torturing, & raping children–or to oppose the presence of foreign armies in any country.