“The excuse for internet is that some are going to spread rumours. What rumours? That Kashmir has been under lockdown for last 150 days? That unilateral revocation of 370 has happened? That sitting parliamentarians and nationalists thought they were now entitled to Kashmiri women? That young kids are in Jails? That we have incurred an economical loss of 2.5 Billion USD? That Kashmir is cut-off from the world? That Indian media was rejoicing when this was happening? That there were celebrations when we were being terrorised? That there is no legal relationship now? Are those rumours or the harsh reality?.

If anyone thinks K-Dispute is over just because a piece of paper was signed by non-Kashmiris, let the dust settle down and whatever bloodshed there would be, the public that was in favour of it will be completely complicit in it.”

–Kashmiri Zachriah Sulayman