Indian capitalism is trying to figure out how to restore the internet in Kashmir for trade, commerce, & government purposes whilst keeping it shut down for reporting news & social media. They’ve likely hired electronic whizzes who can outsmart Kashmiri youth who made them eat dust by using VPN technology to bypass internet shutdowns imposed several times before. We may not see our Kashmiri friends back on social media for a long time, or ever, since India has cooperation from social media companies. But India is not the first country that tried to hide its barbarous criminality from the world. The former Soviet Union, Nazi Germany, the British Raj, US & European colonialists, modern day China, Syria, Israel, Burma, US-NATO, the many countries waging war & genocide against Indigenous tribes, all work(ed) tirelessly to hide their gulags, slaughter, torture, assassinations, divisive meddling & terrorist acts, drug & human trafficking, concentration camps, persecution of ethnic & religious groups. But resistance to tyranny is a relentless, indomitable force, no more so than in Kashmir, Palestine, & Syria. Just as Russians under Stalinism created clandestine samizdat literature, as Syrian activists used social media, as Kashmiris used VPN technology, we should continue to demand the full restoration of the internet in Kashmir & India whilst being confident that until that happens, Kashmiri activists will find ways to keep us informed of what is going on, even if international media has abandoned their posts in Kashmir as they long ago did in Afghanistan, Yemen, Syria, Iraq, Somalia, Libya. If Kashmiris know we stand with them, they will be heartened & will continue to lead historic resistance to oppression with or without social media.