As Syrian & Russian bombers continue to carpet bomb Idlib province, it is reported that in 2019 at least 1,182,772 people were forced to flee for their lives, including 216,932 just in November & December. In bombing attacks on Idlib & the adjacent areas, 1,703 people were killed, including 470 children, as well as 48 White Helmets, medical workers, paramedics, & humanitarian workers. At least 143 schools, 82 healthcare facilities, 23 bakeries, 8 water stations, 6 electricity stations, 136 mosques, 36 civil defense centers, 24 IDP camps, 42 service centers & 4 aid centers were also bombed.

In defense of the Syrian people against this slaughter, there has been only one small antiwar rally reported. The Assadist & Stalinist cult that usurped the international antiwar movement & identifies those Syrians displaced & killed as terrorists is waxing triumphal at the rout of the Syrian Arab Spring & by this have written their own epitaph. May they rot in hell.

Stand with the Syrian Arab Spring: demand the immediate cessation of bombing & the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign forces & mercenaries from Syria.

(Source of data is Syrian National Coalition’s Media Department. Photo of Syrian refugees from Idlib is from Syrian activist)