This is a video about the murder in March 2019 of 29-year-old Kashmiri school teacher Rizwan Pandit & about the kind of beloved person he was. He was arrested by the Indian Army for questioning about a ‘militancy case’, was tortured & then murdered in custody three days later. According to the medical examiner’s report, “The blood loss in soft tissues due to multiple injuries was extensive internally & this must have led to irreversible shock. There was no blunt injury or damage to the internal organs. He had cuts & injuries all over his body. He also had a haematoma (a solid swelling of clotted blood within the tissues) in his left arm & eye. While ruling out a heart attack, the official said a “roller” may have been applied over his legs, causing the veins & arteries to rupture.

His family said Rizwan was murdered in custody & that his body bore torture marks: “Rizwan’s left eye had turned black & the left side of his face was swollen. There were severe injury marks on his thighs… cut marks & deep burn marks were visible on his thighs…There were stitches on his head.”

The state filed an FIR (a formal accusation of a crime) against Rizwan after they tortured & murdered him in custody. There has been no justice for Rizwan by prosecuting the Indian Army officials involved in his arrest, torture, & murder.

It is regrettable that the film would post tweets deploring the custodial murder by Kashmiri politicians Mehbooba Mufti, Shah Faesal, & Omar Abdullah since their collaboration policies are directly implicated in the injuries, disappearances, & murders of thousands of Kashmiris, including young children. There were many Kashmiri freedom & human rights activists & leaders who commented on the murder of Rizwan Pandit whose outrage is far more compelling than those three shysters.

The Murder Of The Innocents – Indian Occupied Kashmir

The Murder of Rizwan PanditA young science teacher, 29 year old Rizwan Pandit was murdered by Indian Armed Forces on March 18, 2019. One more flower has withered, fallen, slaughtered by death squads of India in the Valley of Indian Occupied Kashmir. These killers in uniform can't be forgiven. Rizwan Asad Pandit a school teacher of Awantipora, Pulwama became a victim of custodial death in the Cargo Interrogation Centre. He was first tortured, his spine broken, and then killed in cold blood. This example of death of a youth under police torture sent a grim message to Kashmiris by the Hindutva establishment of Delhi. It also meant that India is back to square one; to kill Kashmiris as they were being tortured to death in large numbers in 1990s and were buried in unmarked graves or dismembered in forests or waters.We demand justice for Rizwan and his family. We demand an end to the Indian Army and Indian Govt war crimes in Indian Occupied Jammu & Kashmir.All our efforts must be recognised for a peaceful and amicable solution of Kashmir in line with the UN resolutions and Kashmiris should be awarded real space to play their part.—————–#AustraliaForKashmir #FreeKashmir4rmIndianOccupation #HumanRights #EndTheOccupation #KashmirChained #Kashmiris #KashmirBleeds #FreeKashmir #KashmirIssue #KashmirStillUnderSiege #PrayForKashmir #RedForKashmir #StandWithKashmir #ForKashmir #Kashmiri #KashmirDiaries #VoiceOfKashmir #SrinagarDiaries #Kashmiriyat #ResistToExist #KashmirLife #KashmirSOS #LetKashmirSpeak #Article370 #srinagar #anantnag #bandipora #baramulla #WithKashmir

Posted by Kashmiri Association of Australia on Saturday, December 28, 2019