Iltija Mufti, the daughter of Mehbooba Mufti, manages her mother’s Twitter account while her mother pretends to be a political prisoner serving time in a posh hotel suite. The better to position the mother as a moderate leader in hopes Kashmiris will forget her political alliance with India’s fascist BJP, the party of the Modi gang, & her approval of pellet guns, mass incarceration, forcible disappearances.

Iltija Mufti tweeted: “Fellow citizens don’t need to visit Kashmir anymore to witness their subjugation. BJP has brought Kashmir right to the doorstep of every Indian.”

Kashmiri journalist & photographer Showkat Nanda tweeted in response: “Reminds me of the famous dialogue from Amar Akbar Anthony. “Baap ki di hui pistol yaad hai, lekin pistol dene wala baap yaad naheen!” (“Remember the pistol given by the father, but do not remember the father who gave the pistol!”) You remember BJP bringing Kashmir to the doorstep of every Indian but forget who brought BJP to the doorstep of every Kashmiri!”