Your Azadi may bring comfort,
– but my Azadi shall set you free,
Free from tyranny of your soul, – on your soul
Free of guilt, of a culpable conscience,
– a conscience out to slay in your name
Free of the numbness of your heart,
– inflicted with the darkness, in your name.

Your Azadi may let you exist,
but my Azadi will let you live
Live without having to justify,
-blood on the hands of your men
Live without, paining a nation,
to fill the holes in your ego
For the songs of Azadi
shall reverberate,

through the borders
-closed minds
and one sunny day,
bring down the high walls
from your reason, to see the light.
One day my Azadi shall set you free
-to live with your fellow beings in harmony
Until then,
we shall keep singing
our pain, through a romantic ballad
Until freedom comes.

©Mudasir Firdosi

Pic credits Basit Zargar