Watched the movie “Torn” not knowing what it was about. In the intro I noticed a few names that were Kashmiri & in the first scenes there was the green Kashmiri flag. That was the highlight of a deplorable propaganda film against Muslims associating them & mosques with terrorism. It was a fictional story about a bombing at a shopping mall in the San Francisco area. A Pakistani teenager became the first suspect: as the FBI agent put it, “We have a bomb & a Pakistani.” It was filled with the cliches of Islamophobia & the ‘war on terror’. The parents of the Pakistani kid were played by a Pakistani actress & a Pakistani-American guy who should be scorned for playing in this wretched trash. At one point, the father talked about Pakistan as a place ‘where 20 million people are shitting in the streets’ & talked about his son hanging with the ‘radical elements’ at a mosque that authorities associated with terrorism. The film is not redeemed by authorities finding motive for the other kid & making him a second suspect.

In the end, we learn (though this is not revealed in the film) that neither boy had anything to do with the bombing. We don’t learn who the bomber was but by then the damage is done. Take some good advice & don’t watch it if you get the chance. It’s as cinematically boring as it is propagandistically disgusting.