When I first started writing about Kashmir, I had a few hundred more Indian friends, including around Palestinian solidarity. They went ballistic & began hijacking & sabotaging every post I wrote in support of Kashmir, even about labor strikes. When people go nuts with the bitch & the whore language against me & even worse against Kashmiris to press their political views, something other than reason is operating. It was like arousing a nest of hornets or some elemental hatred. I had to block their asses because it was clear they wouldn’t stop lashing out until stopped. It must be terrifying for Kashmiris to be around that in India. That kind of stuff isn’t natural to human beings. We’re taught it. I know that from indoctrination in the US against Blacks, Latinos, Native Americans, & against every people the US has gone to war against. We’re told, ‘They aren’t like us. They don’t have the same respect for human life’. Once you see through that crap, there’s no going back. These protests in India, like the Civil Rights & antiwar movements in the US, can be the beginning of the end for trash hysteria about Kashmiris, Muslims, Sikhs, immigrants & refugees. That depends a lot on how we build support.