Assadists & Stalinists have been vigorously denouncing the Hong Kong protesters as violent & outright denying the genocide of Uyghur Muslims. Not unlike what they’re doing in Syria or their denial of the Rohingya genocide armed by Russia & China. Thus far, none (except one article by Tariq Ali) have spoken on the brutal occupation of Kashmir nor even on the current protests in India against the anti-Muslim legislation.

Now China has come out in public support of the internet shutdowns by India, which of course includes several states & occupied Kashmir. Assadists & Stalinists are getting caught in the Islamophobic trap of their own devising. Kashmiri & Indian activists are in a stronger position on social media to take on all who impugn their struggles as ‘jihadi terrorists’. To make any showing, Assadists & Stalinists would have to make common cause with Hindutva fascists. That wouldn’t be alien to them since many actively campaign for Tulsi Gabbard. But If they do, they would expose themselves as moving in the direction of fascism.