A well-known Assad propagandist named Sarah Abed posted an article from Russia Insider, a publication of American ex-patriates living in Russia which is openly anti-Semitic, racist, Assadist. They might not aptly be called Stalinist since they are also openly pro-czarist but the distinctions between Stalinist & czarist rule were often indistinguishable. It would not be too much to characterize them as fascist. It’s hard to distinguish between those ideologies these days since they are massively converging. In the discussion, Alexander Reid Ross (who has written important exposés about Assad propagandists) dared to enter & point out that “Russia-Insider is a fascist publication that traffics in pro-Assad propaganda & antisemitism.” One of Abed’s followers responded, “Sometimes this is the only effective resistance people have against Zionist occupation.”

Consider the political vision that would posit fascism as an effective counter against the rightwing colonial ideology of Zionism. What you will find in unraveling such derangement is that Islamophobia & anti-Semitism are the central ideological pillars of Assadism. With such a political vision, any ‘support’ for Palestinians is simply an expedience to attack Jews. When they oppose Zionism, it is not its rightwing character they oppose but that it provides an opportunity to vent their irrational hatred for Jews.