This article is interesting for a whole lot of reasons: first, it’s one of the only accounts directly from Kashmir in the past month. It reports a current student protest in Srinagar, suggesting that nearly a million Indian jackboots have not cowed the spirit of azaadi & resistance. The journalist Azaan Javaid was assaulted by Kashmiri police in trying to cover that protest, an assault which took place in the presence of 30 to 40 other journalists & photographers. Since Kashmiri journalists are unable to work, those must be from international media.

Since Javaid was assaulted, we can be certain that other foreign journalists in Kashmir fear for their lives under the lockdown & may be unwilling to go into the streets to report any protests. India may not yet have adopted the US & Syrian model of embedding journalists with the military to train them as propagandists. But the presence of journalists in Kashmir suggests that India may be making it impossible for them to file stories (although they could fly to India to do so) or that international media is not publishing their reports in order to reimpose a news blackout.