The more we understand the German fascist model used by India, Israel, & Burma, the better we understand the trajectory those countries are on in terms of genocide against Kashmiris, Palestinians, & Rohingya. In the cacophony of political disputes over how to analyze these events, it also places Assadists & Stalinists–many of whom began with denying the Nazi holocausts & ended up denying the Bosnian, Uyghur, & Rohingya genocides–within the political sphere where they operate, moving toward outright association with fascism.

Most of them have remained silent thus far about Kashmir & about the Citizenship Law against Muslims in India. Me thinks it is because Kashmiris & their supporters, including in India, have created a stronger position on social media from which to kick their asses. The support for Palestinians among these creeps has always been a political expedience to gain respectability in progressive circles & has done immense harm to Palestinian solidarity. Note that these forces have not done a damn thing to mobilize solidarity actions whilst Palestinians face genocide except campaign for Bernie Sanders who calls himself “100% pro-Israel”.