Proving beyond dispute that courts & the law are entirely wedded to politics (in the case of India to Hindutva ideology & colonial politics & of course, capitalism) the Indian Supreme Court just rejected a lawsuit brought by a Kashmiri activist & ruled that no minor children are being held in detention in Kashmir. That ruling was based on the testimony of the police chief in Kashmir Maybe the police did not participate in arresting children; maybe it was solely the Indian Army that kidnapped, tortured, & imprisoned the children in Indian prisons.

Where was the testimony of Kashmir parents? Of released children who reported on their treatment in video testimony? Were Army officials called for interrogation? Were journalists who covered the story called as witnesses? Why does the testimony of one police chief with vested interests in the outcome outweigh that of thousands of parents whose children were abducted in the middle of the night & sent to prisons in India?

Demand the immediate release of all Kashmiri political prisoners & an accounting of every child abducted & jailed so they can be immediately returned to their families.