On what next for Indians after the passage of the Citizenship Amendment Bill:

“Mainland Indian communist parties, leftist organisations of all shades and sizes, ambedkarite & bahujan groups and parties need to immediately call for a National bandh and strike and mass street protests against this Nazi attack on citizenship (not candle light or silent protests at null&void locations like jantar mantar and other such). Citizenship deprivation (NRC & CAB) is the biggest threat this country faces now, our entire future is at stake. Lakhs of people are going to be affected. We are looking at hell. We kept quiet when Kashmir was being conquered, over decades and since 5th August. But now it has concretely entered ‘our regions’. It is really the last opportunity, the last thread stopping us from slipping into absolute collective barbarism. Have we resigned to the fact that 20 years later we will pontificate this, regret this, and write books about camps and genocide, and individual heroism of saving a few lives of others. We have effectively abandoned our entire Muslim population to fight ALONE for their survival. This is shameful beyond words. It is the biggest failure.

Ps- I request all the young and old people from these groups/parties to pressurize their leadership to call for joint mass action. If not, then take action on your own.”

–Sumati Pk via Burhan Qureshi who commented “FFS, if not now then when?”