Quite frankly, we should all be chary about human rights declarations coming from the US government, including from the US Congress which approves war appropriations, sanctions several wars, & bankrolls Israeli genocide of Palestinians. The congressional agency titled the US Commission on International Religious Freedom (USCIRF) just issued a statement denouncing the Citizenship Amendment Bill introduced into India’s parliament by Home Minister Amit Shah (a chief architect of the Kashmiri lockdown) which eliminates the rights & not just the religious rights of nearly 200 million Indian Muslims. The US Commission threatened sanctions against Amit Shah if the bill passes both houses of the Indian parliament.

Sanctions against Amit Shah are to be welcomed; prosecution & incarceration for genocide would be more appropriate. But the US Commission is stopping short of justice by a long shot when it focuses sanctions only on Shah & not on the entire Indian government responsible for the occupation of Kashmir & the increasing persecution & violence against Muslims. Those who object to sanctions that might affect Indian citizens can hardly object to the US imposing sanctions ending all US military sales to & deals with India. In 2016 under Obama, the US signed a joint military agreement with India for “increased strategic & regional cooperation, to deepen military-to-military exchanges, to expand collaboration on defense technology & innovation.” If the US government meant business on defending religious freedom or any rights for Muslims in India, it would trash that agreement & not just freeze the US bank accounts & investments of Amit Shah.

This is an article about the threat of sanctions against Shah: https://www.business-standard.com/article/pti-stories/federal-us-commission-seeks-sanctions-against-home-minister-amit-shah-if-cab-passed-in-parliament-119121000118_1.html?

This is the USCIRF statement passed by the US Congressional House: https://www.uscirf.gov/news-room/press-releases-statements/uscirf-raises-serious-concerns-and-eyes-sanctions?