When India laid down the telecommunications blockade in Kashmir, its intention was primarily to cut off access of Kashmiri activists to social media in order to end their years of consistent education about their struggle which was creating supporters all over the world. The news blackout that had prevailed about the colonial occupation & all of its atrocities was undone by those activists. When the Indian government repeatedly snapped access to the internet, Kashmiris adept with electronic technology bypassed that by using VPS access on their mobile phones & continued communicating on social media.

In India’s frantic attempts to silence Kashmiri resistance, shut down the growth of solidarity, & accelerate its plans for expropriation & exploitation of Kashmiri resources, it was compelled to implement a complete telecommunications blackout. But in the process it is devastating the Kashmiri economy, creating healthcare crises, unspeakable human suffering, & making government transactions done on the internet like filing taxes & renewing drivers license impossible.