Reporting on the ongoing siege & lockdown of Kashmir has been reduced to a trickle compared to the international media coverage of four months ago when it first began. That’s a problem because we have little idea of what is going on in terms of brutalization & resistance to it. It makes building the solidarity movement more difficult if others beyond Kashmiris & their supporters do not know the scale of violence & repression being endured by Kashmiris.

Indian media The Wire & The Print have consistent coverage but their editorial policies toward Kashmir are like the US Counterpunch journal which publishes extremist rightwing articles as well as liberal stuff. They take no consistent stance toward colonial occupation. Are they debating societies about occupation & genocide without any political commitments to justice or just playing both sides of the street?

This is one of the better articles in The Wire about torture in Kashmir but it’s from May 2019 before the current lockdown began in August. It references & draws from reports by the Jammu & Kashmir Coalition of Civil Society (JKCCS) which detail torture, forcible disappearances, mass graves, the militarization of Hindu pilgrimages to Kashmir, & other issues. They can be viewed on the JKCCS website under the ‘Publications & Reports’ menu: