Despite the Indian occupation & brutal crackdown on the 2016 uprising in Kashmir, in February 2018, Palestinian president & collaborator with Israel Mahmoud Abbas gave Modi the ‘Grand Collar’ award of Palestine, ostensibly to honor his contributions to Palestine but only months after Modi nailed down several military, trade, cultural, scientific, & academic agreements with Israel. Other recipients of the worthless award include the so-called king Salman of Saudi Arabia (who beheads dissidents & is engaged in a murderous bombing campaign of Yemen), king Hamad of Bahrain (who used Saudi Arabian & Pakistani troops to murderously put down the 2011 Bahraini Arab Spring), & president Xi Jinping of China (engaged in genocide of the Uyghur Muslims).

Palestinians who stand with Kashmir are exposing the fraudulence of Mahmoud Abbas & the Palestinian Authority as enforcers of the Oslo Accords legitimizing occupation & expropriation & having more affinity with Modi & Netanyahu than with Palestinians or Kashmiris. Today there is a video on Twitter showed Palestinian children chanting ‘free free Kashmir’ at an event on Kashmir at the International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM). That is the real relationship between Palestinians & Kashmiris: solidarity in the struggle against colonial occupation & for self-determination.