In July 2018, a high-ranking Indian Army official reported there were 200 armed guerrillas in Kashmir. That’s close to the 150 estimated in July 2016 by Kashmiri human rights leader Khurram Parvez. Since from the 2016 uprising until August 5th, 2019 the army ran several daily take-no-prisoners hunt to kill operations throughout Kashmir–a murderous military campaign they called ‘Operation All-Out’–often citing the numbers of militants killed (though neglecting to cite the number of civilians injured & killed), we’re wondering why Indian officials claim terrorism is the reason for the siege & lockdown of Kashmir necessitating not just draconian repression but genocide? By the Indian Army’s own statistics there are very few armed guerrillas still alive in Kashmir & any who miraculously survived are on the run. They can lay that terrorism rubbish to rest. Will they continue to invent terrorists or will they begin like other regimes to import them?