This is a chilling article about India’s colonial (what they call development plans) for Kashmir. Indian propaganda to justify the siege & lockdown may be simple-minded with all the ‘war on terror’ rubbish, but the land & resources of Kashmir are critical for Indian capitalism to salvage a system in a debilitating economic crisis. We can be sure that government economists, agronomists, scientists, planners, financiers, & the military have carefully thought out how to colonize Kashmir, change the demographics & politics to Hindutva, & plunder the resources.

One could take issue with the writer’s claim that protests in Kashmir ‘are muted’ since we know that initially & despite the presence of nearly a million troops, there were massive protests that were violently attacked by soldiers. There isn’t sufficient information coming out now to suggest that protests have become ‘muted’ although certainly widespread exhaustion, even demoralization, may have set in since Kashmiris do not know that an international movement now stands with them, that they are not alone.

Our commitment remains demanding the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all Indian forces from Kashmir.