Stalinists are trying to make hay out of the large group of protesters in Hong Kong protesting in support of Trump & the US by singing the American anthem while waving the American flag. The protests in Hong Kong which have gone on for several months & include well over a million people have of course attracted anti-communists as they have every other political current. If anti-communists linked up with the protests for democracy, that’s their right since they also denounce repression by the central government of China. But anti-communism or idiocy about Trump & the character of the US government do not define the character of the Hong Kong movement.

The Hong Kong movement goes back a long way with annual protests demanding justice for the massacre at Tiananmen Square; honoring & demanding justice for Chinese democracy leader & labor activist Li Wangyang who was likely murdered by the Chinese government in his hospital bed after being released from 21 years in jail for organizing a memorial for the victims of Tiananmen Square & posting a call for a general strike to support them; & protesting Chinese repression in Hong kong, most recently the attempt to extradite political prisoners to the Chinese gulag.

Any attempts to portray the Hong Kong movement as reactionary, antisocial, violent, & entirely anti-communist are the work of the political grifters who portray the Assad regime as the second coming of Jesus.