The statements about Kashmir coming from the EU, Sweden, Angela Merkel, Jeremy Corbyn are not impressive but cover a multitude of concessions to Indian colonialism. Half-assed statements shaking the naughty finger at India for the occupation are worthless when they’re not backed up with sanctions, when they make the conflict a territorial dispute between India & Pakistan & omit the Kashmiri struggle against colonial occupation, when they are used to whitewash substantial trade, defense, scientific, academic deals with India, or when they are used to pander to Hindutva voters in the UK.

Governments have issued similar kinds of meaningless statements about Palestinians, the Uyghur, & Rohingya & they haven’t done one damn thing to back those statements up. They still do business with Israel, China, & Burma as they will continue to do business with India. They don’t deserve praise for such compromises when genocide is at stake. Our measure should be human rights principles & the demands of Kashmiris, not the expediencies of governments.