Scene from the occupation of Kashmir: because of how difficult the Indian Army is making it for international journalists in Kashmir, there has been less coverage of resistance & protests or of the repression against them. It is nearly four months & Kashmiris still have no way of knowing that an international movement of solidarity has emerged to stand with them. India hopes to drag this blockade out until Kashmiris are completely demoralized & their supporters around the world have lost interest. False hope springs eternal in the warped minds of the oppressors. Kashmiri activists on social media laid the groundwork for this new movement & there will be no going back.

This photo is from a protest in Srinagar in August 2019. Since then up to 30,000 have been arrested, 13,000 boys abducted, tortured, jailed, the Kashmiri economy has tanked. That would be an apt description of genocide. We will continue to stand with Kashmir until this blockade is lifted & until the withdrawal of all Indian troops from Kashmir.


(Photo by Adnan Abidi/Reuters)