When prestigious politicians & journals say the ‘international community’ led by the US & UK have an essential role to play in ‘resolving the Kashmiri crisis’, do they mean like the US & UK do in Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria, Yemen, Palestine, Somalia, Burma? What do they mean by the ‘international community’? Is that the countries who vote for Palestinian bantustates at the UN but do nothing to support Palestinians against occupation & genocide? The countries who form NATO & other US & UK-led military coalitions to bomb countries to smithereens under the guise of fighting terrorism? Fundamentally, such an appeal to the US & UK is a genuflection to white supremacy, a groveling before colonialism, some sort of deranged view that the very colonial powers that created the problems in the first place will resolve them. The only internationalization of Kashmir that matters is the hundreds of thousands around the world who are standing with Kashmir, including against the inaction & collusion of their own governments.