We should be quite concerned about the telecommunications blackout that India has imposed in Kashmir, that Bangladesh imposed on Rohingya refugees, & that Iran imposed last week. Israel’s electrical power blockade in Gaza assures Palestinians have little access to the internet. Social media is the primary target, not online shopping, since the oppressed are so effectively using social media to educate & build solidarity with their struggles.

The US has imposed some sanctions on Iran for snapping the internet but it should be noted that other than a little hand-wringing & a few expressions of exasperation, no country has made a major issue of the internet freezes against Kashmiris & Rohingya. Modi toured the US just after the Kashmiri blockade & got treated like a rock star. We better take this issue very seriously because with the tsunami of rightwing political forces taking state power in so many countries, they are absolutely certain to consider this an option elsewhere.