The NY Times posted this article about the opposition of a handful of Arab “thinkers” to demonizing & punishing Israel with BDS. The reporter met with a new group calling itself the Arab Council for Regional Integration. The rest of us would call them professional flunkeys & collaborators with Israeli genocide. The article is just a masterpiece of idiocy & deceit. With the Oslo Accords going into full effect taking over the West Bank & East Jerusalem & Israeli bombers & snipers in full genocide mode in Gaza, the only weapon Palestinians have is BDS. If it wasn’t effective, there would not be so many countries trying to make it illegal.

Collaborators are not a new phenomenon. Every social & political struggle has them. Every Arab is not a supporter of Palestinians. Since a major concern of this little group of flunkeys is trade, we can assume that class plays a major role in their politics, that they represent capitalist interests in their different countries. Such matters as Palestinian self-determination, or even genocide for that matter, are of little interest.