Today is the UN’s Universal Children’s Day celebrated since 1954 to promote the welfare of children around the world since it’s the 30 anniversary of the UN Convention on Rights of the Child. The UN is doing a hell of a job & will mark the day with speeches dedicated to children with all the blah blah blah about how children are the future.

The commemorations on social media are adorable & filled with sentimentality of the stinking kind. How dare they make this day about children doing ring-around-the-rosy games when millions are refugees denied asylum; stuck in squalid concentration camps; abducted, tortured, imprisoned; disabled & disfigured by snipers, pellet guns, live ammo, tear gas; allowed to drown whilst trying to reach asylum; denied education; treated worst than livestock; targeted for genocide!

The schmaltzy commemorations use cartoons of black, brown & white kids holding hands when segregation remains the norm. They use photos of well-fed little white kids smiling jubilantly as if for a school portrait. Is this Universal Children’s Day or just another festival of white supremacy all decked out in sentimentality?