“India has always tried to make Kashmiris doubt their character, it has always tried to weaken their self belief. Nehru did that with Sheikh Abdullah, he used to tell him that Kashmiris do not care for political rights, all they (Kashmiris) want is bread and butter. This idea has been carefully implanted by Indians in our collective memory to the extent that today every Kashmiri is involved in self flagellation. One such example being A.S. Dulat’s book which is full of condescension for Kashmiris. The fact, however, remains that despite everything that India has done in Kashmir whether it was creating a loyal ruling class or corrupting people with money or suppressing our voices with brutal oppression, we have brought them to the point that today they had to transport far right nuts (with whom no decent democratic country wants to associate) from Europe to Kashmir just to convince their people that international community supports them.

Morally and politically, we have already won this battle. They are only militarily holding on to our territory. That’s all that remains of their “integral part” today.”

–Kashmiri Faris Hamid Bazaz