With this reality in Kashmir, it is absolutely certain separatist militants are not on the prowl, dragging workers out of their homes, or threatening parents not to let their kids go to school, as the NY Times, BBC, & other media report. Given the immense scale of Indian Army hunt to kill operations over the past three years, most militants have already been killed along with hundreds of unarmed civilians.

Shutting down Kashmiri voices, including on social media, is necessary if the ‘war on terror’ narrative is going to be credible & effective. Let us speak frankly. Even ISIS (whose weapons pipelines can be shut down) is not a greater threat to humanity than the armies of India, Russia, Burma, the US-NATO, Turkey, Syria, Israel, China, Saudi Arabia, Egypt. The real war on terror begins & ends with rebuilding a principled antiwar movement to oppose militarism in all its manifestations.

Terrorism in Kashmir is solely Indian Army terrorism. Everything else is Kashmiri resistance to terrorism.

(Photo by Danish Ismail/Reuters)