India has nearly as many troops in Kashmir to repress 8 million Kashmiris as the US & Russia each have active duty soldiers & still it cannot destroy the spirit of resistance. Indian militarism is consuming resources that could be used to build a modern sanitation system, public schools, & provide for child welfare. In the long run, Indian militarism will be defeated but millions of human beings will have paid a terrible price. The struggle of Kashmiris includes the struggle for the soul of India against fascism.

Clashes Erupt in Kashmir

▶️Clashes broke out in Indian-controlled Kashmir's Srinagar, Tuesday, October 29, as protesters attacked a security vehicle with stones and bricks.👉The demonstrations have continued to take place nearly three months after India stripped the region of its semi-autonomous status and imposed a harsh security crackdown there.The protests come as a delegation of European Parliament members met with Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi in New Delhi ahead of a visit to the disputed Kashmir region to assess the ongoing situation.

Posted by Voice of America – VOA on Tuesday, October 29, 2019