As long as the NY Times isn’t talking about terrorism in Kashmir, its reporting is relatively useful. But after Kashmiri activists on social media broke the news blackout, authoritative media like the NYT need to control the narrative in the same way they do the Palestinian struggle. That’s why in this piece on children whose parents won’t let them go school for safety reasons & as part of civil disobedience, the writers have to insert this complete rubbish: “Parents in the Kashmir Valley say they are terrified of sending their children out with troops everywhere and separatist militants on the prowl for trouble. The militants are demanding that civilians boycott work and school, and they have killed several people to assert their resistance to tightening Indian rule. This week, militants dragged construction workers onto the street and shot them, witnesses said, leaving five dead and one wounded. It was the deadliest single attack on civilians since Kashmir’s autonomy was stripped.” The NYT really wants us to believe ‘separatist militants are on the prowl’ & ‘dragging workers out of their homes’ when Kashmir has almost one soldier for every eight Kashmiris. In doing that, they take the emphasis off the occupation & create anxiety & a narrative about terrorism in Kashmir.