A cogent analysis by Sultan Magami on the killing of non-Kashmiri truckers & day laborers in Kashmir which the Indian Army is blaming on terrorists:

“Just like the murder of the non-Kashmiri truck drivers who conveniently turned out to be Muslims, it wouldn’t surprise me if the five Bengali laborers killed today in Kashmir also turn out to be Muslim. They hail from a village called Murshidabad so the chances are they’re most likely Muslim. This just goes to prove the depravity of the Indian sponsored anti-Muslim agents at work in Kashmir today – most likely RSS linked terrorists, aided and abetted by Indian intelligence agencies, hell bent on portraying the Kashmiri freedom struggle as terrorism.

Regardless of the religion of the victims, such killings are abhorrent. At no time in the history of the Kashmiri freedom struggle have the mostly Hindu non-Kashmiri laborers, workers or tourists been harmed in any way. In fact, Kashmiris for some reason prefer non-Kashmiri laborers and workers and treat them with kindness and respect.

The timing of the terrorist act also placates enemies of the Kashmiri freedom struggle as the eyes of the world are on Kashmir during the visit of the European Nazis to the Valley.

All Kashmiris have unanimously condemned these terrorist acts and I have not come across a single “..oh but the Indian military does worse” argument. Every comment I have read outrightly condemned this abhorrent terrorist act. And the Indian agencies are not fooling anyone to claim that these are the act of either Kashmiri militants or the so called “Pakistani sponsored terrorist”. This is the act of RSS thugs operating in Kashmir at the behest of the Modi regime.

For some Hindu fanatic who kills an innocent Muslim in India for eating beef, how hard is it for them to travel to Kashmir and kill other non-Kashmiri Muslim laborers and paint it as the work of Kashmiri militants. Kill two birds with one stone.”