We should have extreme skepticism about reports that Kashmiri ‘terrorists killed five laborers from West Bengal’ on the same day as the rightwing EU delegation was sightseeing in Kashmir. Indian media has banner headlines about five day workers killed & one injured in Kashmir’s Kulgam district but also that four truckers have been killed by terrorists in Kashmir since the blockade began on August 5th. There isn’t a history of armed militants in Kashmir targeting workers.

India has been attempting to provoke military action from Pakistan which Pakistan has thus far resisted. How likely is it that they would sponsor armed militancy in Kashmir at this time? Over a year ago, Kashmiri human rights investigators estimated that no more than 250 armed militants remained in Kashmir. Since then, there have been several daily hunt to kill operations & reports of many militant deaths by the Indian Army. How credible is it that young men with assault rifles are traveling around Kashmir with nearly one-million Indian troops stationed every few yards, with caravans of troops moving around, with roadblocks & check points, with helicopter surveillance, with hunt to kill teams on the prowl?

Maybe some workers & truckers have been killed since August 5th. They probably–almost certainly–were not killed by Kashmiri militants because if any still remain, they are on the run for their lives. Our condolences if any workers actually died as a result of the Indian Army occupation, most likely at the hands of the Indian Army or agents provocateurs.