Muhammad Zain shared this article about the obscenities hurled at Ilhan Omar after her very cogent challenge to Indian nationalist journalist Aarti Tikoo Singh at the US congressional hearing on Kashmir. According to this report, Indian journalist Harbir Singh is the husband of Aarti Tikoo Singh. He was completely unhinged in a series of tweets after the hearing, calling Omar an ‘Islamist’, a ‘stooge of Islamic terrorists’, an ‘agent of Pakistan’s Islamic Jihad’, one of Pakistan’s “Sharia Bolsheviks’, “the woman who married her brother to defraud American immigration, then fornicated with her own employee”. He also showed but later removed a photo of Omar carrying an assault rifle & claimed she was a Somalian gang member before immigrating to the US as a child.

If Harbir Singh is in fact the husband of Aarti Tikoo Singh, she would be advised to disassociate herself from his Muslim-hating vituperations if she wants to retain even a shred of credibility as a nationalist journalist spewing lies about Kashmiris. She & her husband have made asses of themselves before the entire rational world.