Along with the testimony of Nitasha Kaul, you can hear the compelling testimony of Angana Chatterji about Indian human rights crimes in Kashmir beginning at the 33:00 minute mark. If you have the stomach for it, you can also hear Aarti Tikoo Singh, an Indian journalist & Kashmiri Pandit nationalist, blame violence in Kashmir on “Pakistani-sponsored terrorists.” After Chatterji’s testimony, you can also hear Ravi Batra, an American-Indian Modi fanboy, try to associate India’s occupation of Kashmir with the Islamophobic ‘war on terror’ using groveling references to US history that have absolutely no relevance to the brutal blockade of Kashmir.

Francisco Bencosme representing Amnesty International spoke of the crackdown on human rights activists & groups in India, including attempts to prevent protests & attacks on Amnesty India, Greenpeace, & others due to their investigations of Indian human rights abuses in Kashmir. He also addressed the Modi regime’s attempt to disenfranchise 2 million Muslims in Assam. Asif Mahmood, a Pakistani doctor who ran for lieutenant governor of California, spoke strongly about the health affects of the occupation on children. The following question & answer period is quite worthwhile listening to especially because India’s sexualized violence against women & girls is specifically & cogently addressed.

One can see from the choice of panelists & the discussion the importance of the political & educational role of Kashmiris living outside Kashmir as well as that of Indian nationalists pulling in a counter political direction.