Abid Bashir just listed 71 cities in several countries where #StandWithKashmir protests have been held since the Indian siege & blockade began on August 5th. So many times over the years, Kashmiris protested for Palestinians, Rohingya, Syrians, & others even though there were no protests for them because of the news blackout. This new movement is entirely due to the work of Kashmiri activists on social media who educated & campaigned for years about the importance of their struggle. Those living in Kashmir don’t know what they have created & inspired but their work explains why India is trying to find a way to restore the internet but maintain the ban on social media in Kashmir. What those activists have created cannot be undone by any scheming or trickeries on the part of the Modi gang. Kashmiri solidarity is here to stay until the last Indian troop is withdrawn from Kashmir & they have won self-determination & can wave the flag of azadi.