Testimony of a 9-year-old Kashmiri boy kidnapped & held in prison for two months by Indian occupying forces: He was held in a gulag 1,000 kms/622 miles from his home under the Public Safety Act (with analogs in Palestine & apartheid South Africa) which allows detainment for up to two years without charges or prosecution. One young boy who was tortured while held, committed suicide after being released. This little 9-year-old boy would only speak without identifying himself so he & his family would not suffer reprisals.:

“I always used to cry. I was kept in a solitary cell with a toilet, there was no roof…it was scary. I was unable to eat or sleep. I had to fold or lift my legs as the cell was very small. There were snakes. When I started shouting, they used to come & take out the snakes but I didn’t stop crying so a doctor was brought in & he used to inject something that made me unconscious.”