Jacobin magazine, a bastion of equivocation & playing both sides of the street, has published an article titled “The Annihilation of Rojava” about the US handing Syrian Kurds over to Turkish & Syrian genocide. With their credulous belief that the US military advanced Kurdish democracy & the Rojava democracy project, the writers exhibit the exact same political stupidity as those anti-Assadists who called for US military intervention on the side of the Syrian Arab Spring. They’ve all been played by the Pentagon if they think for one bloody-assed moment that US military policy has ever been guided by humanitarian or democratic concerns. Theoretically, it isn’t much more advanced than Assadists & Stalinists who talk about a ‘US regime-change operation’ in Syria. There was never a possibility of Syrian Kurdish utopia based on betrayal of the Syrian Arab Spring.

What needs to be done by those who think deep thoughts but don’t know their asses from their elbows about US military policy is to formulate an analysis of exactly what US military strategy is for Syria beside a series of improvisations, barbarous bombing campaigns over cities in the hunt for ISIS, betrayals, & tacit collaborations with Russia & the Assad regime.