This 1965 video posted by Toronto For Kashmir shows a Kashmiri politician being interviewed about Indian colonial rule. It’s long before the military occupation making Kashmir ‘the most militarized zone in the world’ but as the politician points out, there was still no democracy for Kashmiris.

India's Stand On Kashmir

This is an old video from when India first occupied Kashmir. Since India’s occupation of Kashmir, the situation has not changed even the slightest. In fact, the situation has gotten worse. This video is of a Kashmiri politician briefing a foreign journalist on the Kashmir situation. He goes on to explain that India’s policy on Kashmir is unfair and also not in favor of the Kashmiris. A lot of people have tried to manipulate the truth by labelling the Kashmiri demand for plebiscite as a communal approach by giving examples of incidents that took place in the early 90s. However, prior to the 90s, Kashmiris were still demanding a plebiscite be held and expressed their concerns and dissatisfaction against the Indian occupation due to their biased policies. India’s military presence was always intimidating and seen as a threat to freedom. This fear that Kashmiris had became a reality as India occupied Kashmir through its military in the coming years leading to thousands of disappearances, rapes, and countless human rights violations. Had the Indian government been more thoughtful and just, the issue of Kashmir might have never arose. The current siege in Kashmir since August 5, 2019 is an attestation to India’s unjust approach towards Kashmir and its people. India’s stand on Kashmir has always been like that of a colonizer. #RedForKashmir #LetKashmirSpeak #TorontoForKashmir #Justice #Peace #Humanity #HumanRights #UNResolution #FreeKashmir #Referendum #Plebiscite #EndTheOccupation #MassGraves #Torture #ExtrajudicialKillings #Freedom #StandWithKashmir #Kashmir

Posted by Toronto For Kashmir on Wednesday, October 16, 2019