“My father was handicapped! During the mid ’90s while I was in my boyhood. Forces Cordoned off our locality in downtown area Maharaj Gunj. As a routine, the announcement was made through loudspeakers at midnight. I asked my father to accompany him as he was struggling to make his way out. When we walked down the street, the barrage of sticks was unleashed on my father. He stumbled but shielded myself so that I won’t receive any of the blows. I looked upon his eyes, he pretended to smile as if nothing was happening. In my helplessness, i failed to save my father from hounds. I failed to save my father from humiliation.I failed to prevent wounds of my father. That day I came to really know the curse of occupation! So is the story of each Kashmiri. There is no bigger burden than occupation & its filthy consequences we all are facing and have gone through! It will be bigger blow to my existence to forgive the atrocities committed on us Kashmiris..My wound is occupation and it will remain till it ends..

We don’t need mercy & sympathy! We need Freedom of Kashmir.”

–Aahil Asif