Once again, we hear the imbecilic call for a No Fly Zone in Syria to prevent Turkey from bombing the Syrian Kurds to smithereens. Those calling for a NFZ claim they are supporters of the Syrian Arab Spring. Why have they made no such call to prevent Russia & Syria from bombing Idlib to smithereens or prevent the US-coalition from using carpet bombing & white phosphorous on Raqqa? Who do those calling for a NFZ think should establish & enforce it? The very combatants turning Syria into a killing field? Do they make a mockery of us all by suggesting the US which just handed the Kurds over to the executioner? Those who think a NFZ is the answer to all the military problems raised in Syria have tiny little brains when it comes to politics & no good sense as well as complete ignorance of the copious literature, including by the military, on the NFZ which is a military tactic & an act of war. Worst of all, they hand Assadists & Stalinists a weapon to use against the Syrian Arab Spring & now the Kurds & that kind of imbecility is unforgivable.