Some are bristling at comparisons between the Kashmiri struggle for self-determination & that of the Kurds. I understand the indignation since the political character of those struggles are very different based on the character of the deals they got from colonialism & the compromises & betrayals of Kurdish leaders which are not unlike the betrayals of Kashmiri figures like the Abdullahs & Muftis. Since Syrian Kurdish leaders did not stand with the Arab Spring, I don’t accept a lot of the Rojava mythology. You cannot build an egalitarian society on outright betrayal of a freedom struggle. I also don’t find their alliance with the US against ISIS to be admirable since it involved the slaughter of so many civilians, especially at Mosul, Iraq & Raqqa, Syria. It might have been less destructive of human life if they had cut off the weapons supply lines to ISIS rather than bomb cities into oblivion. The Kurds however are not analogous with Zionists but are a people dispossessed of their homeland. They have a right to self-determination. We have a duty to oppose genocide against them.