During the Morsi regime in Egypt in 2012-2013, the Muslim Brotherhood were ruthlessly attacking & brutalizing Arab Spring protesters in the streets & we wrote many posts describing & denouncing their actions. But when the military turned on the Muslim Brotherhood & began piling up their bodies in unspeakable street massacres, those who stood for human rights denounced the military & defended the Muslim Brotherhood regardless of their earlier conduct against the Arab Spring. That is the character of human rights solidarity which at no time ever adopts the methods & politics of the oppressors.

When the Kurdish leadership, in the struggle for Kurdish self-determination, operated opportunistically in maneuvers between the US-coalition & the Assad dictatorship instead of standing with the Syrian Arab Spring, sharp criticism was required. But when they come under military attack by Turkish ground forces & bombers, we brush all that criticism aside to stand with Kurdish civilians against genocide. That should not have to be explained to those with an elementary sense of human decency. Only Stalinists & Assadists who support war, occupation, & genocide are incapable of understanding that elementary principle of human solidarity & are gloating.

(Photo is Kurdish in North Kurdistan in flight from Turkish bombers from Twitter sources)