Assadist ideologues are openly & gleefully applauding Turkey’s genocidal onslaught against Syrian Kurds just as they have always applauded Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. It doesn’t matter that Syrian Kurds collaborated with the US & also periodically attempted to collaborate with the Assad dictatorship. It was of course a monstrous betrayal of the Syrian Arab Spring by the Syrian Kurd leadership but those who stand for justice never endorse the methods & politics of the oppressors & always without compromise oppose genocide. It’s not a question of karma or chickens coming home to roost. The US is standing aside to facilitate a genocide & anyone with an ounce of human decency opposes that.

We stand with Syrian Kurds & do not demand US troops remain to protect the Kurds but demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of Turkish, US-coalition, Iranian, Russian, Hezbollah forces & mercenaries from Syria.