If there had been a principled international antiwar movement to oppose all foreign military intervention in Syria, the Syrian Kurds might have chosen other options than maneuvering & flip-flopping between the US-coalition & the Assad dictatorship. They might have chosen to stand with the Syrian Arab Spring & advanced their own struggle for self-determination. Assadists support Iranian ground forces & Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians. Many who oppose Assad support US military intervention. No one is coming out smelling like a rose here & only the shameless are gloating over the Turkish onslaught against the Kurds as an “I told you so” moment.
The Syrian Kurdish leadership made a disastrous & corrupt alliance & the two million Syrian Kurds will pay the price for that betrayal.

This is not a moment for triumphal postmortems but a time to stand with the Syrian Kurds who now face a genocidal siege at the hands of Turkish troops & bombers.

Demand the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of Turkish, Russian, US-coalition, Iranian forces & mercenaries from Syria.