Instead of doing their ‘I told you so’ chiding to the Syrian Kurds for trusting the US, the Assadist & Stalinist cult that drove the antiwar movement into the ground should offer an explanation of US strategy in Syria. But they are so bereft theoretically & politically that they can’t get beyond ‘US regime-change operation’ foolishness. Was Trump’s move of unleashing Turkey against the Syrian Kurds an improvisation? Was it rash & impulsive, at odds with the Pentagon as media claims? Or was it a reflection of the military complexities & quagmire character of US intervention in Syria? Are the US-coalition, Russia, Iran, Hezbollah in fact all allies of the Syrian dictatorship to destroy every vestige of the Syrian Arab Spring?

The only principled demand for antiwar & human rights activists is the immediate, unconditional withdrawal of all foreign military forces & their paramilitary mercenaries from Syria. Nothing less.