Trump’s decision to unleash Turkey against the Syrian Kurds is a genocidal act which must be responded to with antiwar denunciations & action. Instead, part of the moribund antiwar movement has resurrected from its Stalinist & Assadist stupor to engage in ‘I told you so’ finger-shaking at the Kurds for their alliance with the US. The alliance of Syrian Kurds with the US in fighting ISIS as well as their on-again, off-again overtures to the Assad regime require analysis, not smart-aleck & glib one-upmanship. But such an analysis would not fit comfortably within a ‘US regime-change’ scenario & support for Syrian & Russian bombing of civilians so most of the Stalinist & Assadist cult that has destroyed the antiwar movement remains silent. Let it be said that the methods used by the US & its Kurdish allies against ISIS entailed the slaughter of thousands of Syrian civilians & is hardly a model for human freedom struggles.

The Syrian Kurdish leadership were dead wrong & corrupt in their alliances with the US & with the Assad regime. They should have sided with the Syrian Arab Spring which would have strengthened their struggle for Kurdish self-determination rather than led to genocide as Turkey intends with US, Syrian, Russian, Iranian, & Iraqi support. But whatever the mistakes of the Kurdish leadership, no self-respecting antiwar or human rights supporter would ever stoop to chiding the Kurds for delusions & rotten politics instead of standing with them against genocide.