For the second time recently, someone has accused me of allowing expressions of racist hatred toward Indians as a whole, not just the Modi regime or Hindutva nationalists. Solidarity with the oppressed, not social hatred, is the political genre we have come to associate with Kashmiris, including in their polemics, when they have every reason to feel hatred confronted by one-million occupying soldiers shooting down their kids.

When expressing their indignation, often in a second language, rarely do they not distinguish that their anger is toward Hindutvavadis, not toward Indians as a whole who are in their majority oppressed. We are in an educational war against the Hindutvavadis & others are just looking to find fault. In that regard, we might want to keep the cow piss comments to ourselves lest it offend Hindus. But I’ll be damned if anyone can comb through our discussions & come up with more than a reckless formulation to document that racism toward Indians is profligate on this wall.